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Local Service

You are striving to be a trusted and valued health care resource for your customers, and we want to help you become the best pharmacy in your community. With CityMedRx supporting you, your pharmacy can not only be a well-resourced operation that is highly profitable, you can serve as an authority on the latest drug breakthroughs, pricing information and industry news. As our partner in the local community, we will help you become a valuable medical resource that is provides pharmaceutical care and knowledge to your patients.

Broad Expertise

CityMedRx has rapidly become a nationally prominent figure in the pharmaceutical industry by aligning itself with manufacturers, authorized distributors, state and national organizations, and legislative figures. Our in-depth knowledge enables us to identify weaknesses in the market so that we can procure and rapidly distribute hugely discounted drugs to our partners. We also share the most relevant information with you so that you can provide reliable advice to your employees, organizational members, customers and business associates.

National Wholesale

We aim to provide the feel of a local distribution company, all across the nation. Our procurement and communication processes enable us to provide you with pharmaceutical products with reliable next day service. CityMedRx is currently licensed in NY, NJ, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Kentucky, Arkansas. Our goal is to serve our clients across the nation. If you are operating outside of our area, let us know and we will do our best to expand into your area.


With sourcing and logistical operations in major manufacturing centers and a distribution network that spans the country, CityMedRx is capable of obtaining and shipping drugs with speed and reliability. We are proud to have one of the most efficient logistical operations in the nation, so we can get you the products you need in a timely and cost-effective way.
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How It Works


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It only takes a few minutes to join the CityMedRx network. Sign up to our secure system and set up a profile with basic information about your pharmacy.


After you having completed the profile setup, our specialists will review your application for all necessary information. Upon verification, our team will reach out to you to finalize registration and confirm business information.

Become Partner

Once approved, you will become a partner in the CityMedRx online network. At this point, we will issue you your username and password. Utilizing this you can view our product catalog and reach out to our team for support and sourcing needs.
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