About us

Our Mission

Our mission at CityMedRx is to be the leading figure for independent pharmacies in the procurement of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and over the counter products.

CityMedRx Pharmaceutical Wholesale was established in order to support and team up with independent pharmacies of the country. In the current landscape, independent pharmacies and pharmacists are viewed as the most trusted and reliable sources of pharmaceutical care. However, corporate giants are not giving US the opportunity to utilize our knowledge in order to maximize patient outcomes and stay profitable as a business. In today’s pharmacies, optimized purchasing strategies can make a huge difference on the profitability of a small business such as an independent pharmacy. At CityMedRx our mission is to provide high quality pharmaceutical products and services at highly competitive prices, enriching the expertise of your pharmacy professionals or trade group members, and strengthening your relationship with the community. We have decades of experience operating and working with many of the most successful pharmaceutical operations in the industry, and we are eager to share that knowledge with you. We pride ourselves in being pharmacists and supporting our colleagues as we work together to strengthen pharmacy operations.


Our Team

CityMedRx was founded by two brothers, both pharmacists. Robert and David Abaev graduated from Long Island University’s, Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy. They both started their student and pharmacist careers in chain pharmacies working together for over a decade. Gradually transitioning to an independent pharmacy business, Robert and David established themselves as clinical pharmacy directors for a kidney, pancreas, and liver transplant program. Over the next several years, they identified the primary obstacles that independent pharmacies face. Product procurement at reasonable prices became a concern for the pharmacy they were working for, and that is where they began establishing relationships with key stakeholders in the pharmaceutical distribution sector. They realized that many pharmacy owners were sometimes unaware of the possible cost saving opportunities available in the market. Currently Robert and David are fully active in all aspects of CityMedRx operations as well as serving as active practicing pharmacists.
Both brothers maintain their professional Pharm D degrees, along with immunization, medication therapy management, and drug regulatory affairs certifications. These valuable experiences shaped their philosophy that pharmacies are critical health care providers and deserve every advantage for success.

Our Service

In order to create as much value as possible for our partners, CityMedRx has secured strong and enduring relationships with drug manufacturers, knowledge leaders and distribution organizations. We are continuously assessing the pharmaceuticals industry to identify cost-saving commodities and high value products that will benefit our partner pharmacies. We wholly believe that we can only succeed when our partners succeed.

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